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DTE Order No.
20-02-17 DTE/113/MSC/2013 GO on Parttime jobs in GPT hostels
16-02-17 DTE/98/MSC/2016/4631 Distribution of Flags and vehical flags for 2016
17-02-17 DTE 21 EST(9)2016-17 /4622 Information on Annual Performance report 2016-17
13-02-16 DTE 02 DVP(1) 2016 4th Quarter grants released to GECs in K-2
13-02-16 DTE 02 DVP(1) 2016 4th Quarter grants released to GPTs in K-2
    Provide Information on Academics and examination activities of Finearts schools / colleges
18-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute NSS PO and Volunteers for state level youth fest
13-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute NSS volunteers and PO for NIC at Ballary
16-02-17 DTE/10/EST(5) 2016/4611 Corrigendum to final seriority list of SDAs
18-02-17 DTE/02(V2)/CCTEK/2016-17/4605 List of participants for STTP at Bharatesh Polytechnic,Belagavi
18-02-17 DTE/10/LRDC/2016-17/4604 To participate in Do It Yourself2016-17
17-02-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Nov/Dec16 exams malpractice punishment details
17-02-17 DTE 02(v2)/CCTEK/2016-17/5783 Permission for change of date for STTP at GPT, Vijayapura
06-02-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2015 Nov/Dec16 Theory exam Photo copies

AKAPOTA Inagural function and Website Hosting

10-02-17 BTE/03/ECS(3) 2015 Fee for BTE affiliation 2016-17
17-02-17 DTE/36/LRDC/2014-15(AISHE)/4602 Upload information in AISHE Portal
16-02-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/4576 STTP on PFD-136 and 137 at NITTTR, Chennai
14-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute NSS Volunteers for Ambedkar Jnana Darshana Abhiyana Inaguaration
13-02-17 DTE 02(v2)/CCTEK/2016-17/4563 List of participants for STTP at GPW, Hubli
13-02-17 DTE 02(v2)/CCTEK/2016-17/4563 Permission for STTP at GPT, Vijayapura
13-02-17 BTE/11/ECS(02) 2016 Revaluation at MEI Polytechnic from 20-02-17
13-02-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಅ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13 Deputation of Teaching faculty for life skill training program at NIMHANS
10-02-17 DTE 11 BLD 2012 Submission of UCs and Progress report for the release of 2nd installment grant towards Women's Hostel
09-02-17 DTE/NSS/NSS/ETI/08/2011-12 Training for NSS officers
07-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute Volunteers for National Integration day at Mangalore and Dharwad
    Excel file to send the women's hostel progress
08-02-17 DTE 11 BLD 2012 Status of progress of women's hostel in the excel file enclosed
08-02-17 DTE/33/LRDC/2016-17/4527 Extension of e-Sahayog project to Polytechnics and Engineering colleges.
08-02-17 DTE 01 EST(9)2016 /4523 Committee for removal of Regional imbalance
08-02-17 DTE 01 EST(9)2016 /4524 Maintaining Protocols in Govt. functions
    Invitation for 40th State Level Sports meet2016-17
08-02-17 DTE/10/STS/2016/4518 Law Commission of India-Questionnaire on Uniform civil code
07-02-17 DTE/08/LRDC/2016-17 Reporting details for 40th State Level Sports meet 2016-17 at GPT, Karkala
31-01-17 DTE 21 ACM(2) 2016-17 Revised calendar of events 16-17
07-02-17 DTE 48 CDC(1) 2016 Comittee for framing rules for Engg/Polytechnics staff pattern
07-02-17 DTE/08/LRDC/2016-17/4492 Depute staff on 40th State Level sports meet 2016-17
06-02-17 DTE 02(v2)/CCTEK/2016-17/4480 List of participanrts for training at GPT, Chitradurga
06-02-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/4481 STTP on PFD-133,134 and SP-07 at NITTTR, Chennai
    HED e-Newsletter January 2017
27-01-17 DTE/05/stores/2016 Quotations invited for supplying UPS
27-01-17 DTE/06/stores/2016 Quotations invited for supplying Executive revolving chair
01-02-17 DTE/07/stores/2016 Quotations invited for preparing ID cards
02-02-16 ಸಿಆಸುಇ 63 ಸೇನಿಸಿ 2015 KCSR corrigendum to rule 21
03-02-17 DTE/69/EST(7) 2016/4465 Officers on session duty from 06-02-17
    Sarvottham Award to Sri Basheer Ahamed khan
02-02-17 DTE/17/MSC/2015/4459 Information on permanent Head cook and assistant cooks
02-02-17 DTE 295 SPS(1) 2016 LA Question on Biometric Attendance - Reply immediately
02-02-17 DTE/36/LRDC/2014-15/4446 Registration form for workshop on All india Servey on Higher Education
02-02-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/5417 STTP on PFD-139 and 146,Assessment and Evaluation Techniques for OBE curriculum
02-02-17 DTE/10/LRDC/2016-17/5414 State level Do it yourself16-17
01-02-17 BTE/06/ECS(1)/2016 Calendar of Events for APRIL/MAY 17 exams
31-01-17 DTE/02/(V2)/CCTEK/2016-17/5403 Permission for STTP at MEI Polytechnic, Bangalore
11-01-17 DTE/19/EST(3) 2014 NOC to Programmer
01-02-17 DTE/36/LRDC/2014-15/5390 Workshop on All India Servey on Higher Education
    2nd National Level Essay Compition on "Ground Water-life line of the Nation"
01-02-17 DTE/TEQIP/ACA/CR-25/2015-16 List of participants for Training at SPFU, Bangalore
31-01-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/5385 STTP on PFD-127 to PFD-131
31-01-17 DTE/02/(V2)/CCTEK/2016-17/5384 Permission for STTP at BVVS(Aided) Polytechnic,Bagalkote
31-01-17 DTE/02/(V2)/CCTEK/2016-17/5384 Permission for STTP at ,DRR,Polytechnic, Davangere
31-01-17 DTE/02/(V2)/CCTEK/2016-17/5384 Permission for STTP at GPT Chitradurga
31-01-17 DTE/NSS/14/e-Prashasti/2012-13/55 NSS Awards for 2015-16
27-01-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17/54 Volunteers for National Integration day
31-01-17 DTE/08/LRDC/2016-17/5379 Last date to enrol for state level sports extended till 04-02-17
31-01-17 DTE/08/LRDC/2016-17/5379 Meeting regarding State level sports meet16-17
30-01-17 DTE 18 DVP(2) 2016 AICTE and state approval for govt/aided/private polytechnics in 2017-18
31-01-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Malpractice enquiry on 06-02-17
31-01-17 DTE/08/LRDC/2016-17/5354 Medical certificate and return of Rolling Trophy in state level Sports meet 16-17
27-01-17 DTE 115 EST(7) 2016/4353 List of employees retiring between 01-07-17 to 30-06-18
30-01-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Malpractice enquiry for Nov/Dec16 exams
30-01-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Update revaluation information of Nov/Dec16 exams
    List of Institutions not applied/not created application for AICTE approval for17-18
28-01-17 DTE 47 EST 4 (A) 2014/5326 Information regarding Phd of Assistant Professors in Aided Engineering Colleges
17-01-17 DTE/02/EST/2(B)2016/5300 NOC to JTS and Polytechnic Staff
27-01-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/5297 STTP On PFD-126 at NITTTR, Chennai
24-01-17 BTE 55 ERS 3 2016 Exam fee for Bridge subjects of students of Central Institute of Plastic Technology
25-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Revaluation dates of Diploma results extended
23-01-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/4301 STTP at NITTTR Chennai and Bengaluru Centre
23-01-17 DTE 33 CDC(1) /2015-16 Curriculum Revision of Electrical and Electronics and Allied branches PFD-135
23-01-17 DTE 33 CDC(1) /2015-16 Curriculum Revision of Mechanical and Allied branches PFD-132
23-01-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/4302 STTP on PFD-121 to 126
24-01-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಅ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13 Depute staff for Training
25-01-17 DTE/468/ACM(2)/2016-17 Admission to 3rd and 5th Semester in Evening Govt/Aided Polytechnics
24-01-17 DTE/24/INS(3)/2016 Surprise Inspection visit to Govt/Aided/Private polytechnics
24-01-17 DTE/25/INS(3)/2016 Result Analysis of NOV/DEC16 exams
23-01-17 DTE/01/INS(3)/2016 Biometric Attendance information in Govt/Aided Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges
24-01-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಅ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13/52 Walkathon on Sarvodaya day
19-01-17 DTE/NSS/16/ರಾ.ಮ/ಅ.ಪಾ.ಶಿ/016-17/51 State level NSS camp from 02-02-17
19-01-17 DTE 07 DVP(2), DTE 04 DVP(2) ,2016 Minority status to Gomatesh Polytechnic and MLBP,Belagavi
23-01-17 DTE/08/LRDC/2016-17/4279 40th State Level Inter Polytechnic Sports Meet for 2016-17
21-01-17 DTE 33 BLD 2015 Training on Fire accidents and Disaster management
    Polytechnics whose UC's and SOA's of CDTP schemes sent to MHRD
21-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Date extention for applying Revaluation and photo copy