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DTE Order No.
28-03-17 DTE 02 EST(9) 2016/5220 To publish the direct recruitment notifications in the state website.
28-03-17 DTE/NBA/01/2017-18 Workshop on MHRD/AICTE schemes at BVVS polytechnic, Bagalkote
28-03-17 BTE/19/EAP/2017 April/May 2017 draft time table meeting
28-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Update candidate list for APRIL/MAY17 theory exams
23-03-17 DTE 15 (PMKVY)/2016-17 Provide Statistics regarding PMKVY
25-03-17 DTE/01/Eclub/2015-16 Installation of Innovative Infrastructure Lab in Engineering colleges
23-03-17 DTE/23/INS(3)/2016 All institutions to provide Biometric Attendance
24-03-17 DTE/427/ACM(2)/2016-17 Circular on Diploma Admission process for 2017-18
20-03-17 DTE 33 EST(3) 2016/4973 Gradation list of workshop staff of school of Mines , KGF
24-03-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 One day workshop for students at GandhiBhavan, Bangalore
23-03-17 DTE/25/INS(3)/2016 Result analysis of Nov/Dec2016 diploma exams
18-03-17 DTE/04/EST2(B)/2015(Part-2) NOC to lecturers
22-03-17 DTE/35-2/LRDC/NBA/2014-15 Depute officers for NBA workshop at PDA Engineering College, Kalaburgi
22-03-17 DTE/36/LRDC/2014-15(AISHE)/4943 To upload on AISHE 2016-17 performanace
22-03-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Prohibition of Drugs/Tobacco in and around college premises
    Message from HRMS
20-03-17 DTE 11 BLD 2012 Furnish documents for the release of final grant towards women's hostel construction
20-03-17 DTE 01 CDC(2) 2016-17/4925 STTP on PFD-154 and SP-09 at NITTTR, Chennai
17-03-17 DTE 03 CDTP 2012-13 Submit PAR and corrected UC's
17-03-17 DTE 03 CDTP 2012-13 Submit UC's and SOA's of CDTP scheme
18-03-17 FD 002 BPE 2017 Date Extension for submitting of Bills in Treasury
16-03-17 DTE/NSS/07/ಸಲಹಾ ಕಾರ್ಯಗಾರ/2015-16 Attendance certificate for attending NSS workshop on 14-03-17
07-03-17 DTE 68 ಕಾಘ2013/4906 Attachment order to be cleared timely
    Message from HRMS
17-03-17 DTE 1 EST(9) 2016/4899 Draft amend to schedule II of Karnataka Recruitment of Gazetted Probationers Rules,2017
17-03-17 DTE 09 LRDC 2016-17 Attendance Certificate for edusat classes resource persons
17-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Extended revaluation camp@ GWPT Bangalore
16-03-17 BTE/13/EPS/2013 Send Sakala Applications through Sakala Portal
20-02-17 DTE/54/DVP(1) 2016 Budget release for lab tool kit under SCP/TSP to Govt.Engg Colleges
08-02-17 ED/32/HPU/2017 Utilization of funds under SCP/TSP Head of Account 2202-03-001-02 through Khajane-1
15-03-17 BTE/30/EPF/2016-17 April/ May 2017 exams stationary supply
15-03-17 DTE 55 CDC(Others) 2015-16/4888 Clarification on marks of subject 15ME47P - C programming lab
15-03-17 DTE 79 DVP(1) 2016 Budget release for SCP / TSP
14-03-17 DTE 02 EGU 2016 To Update incorrect staff data in EMIS
14-03-17 DTE 01 CDC (2) 2016-17/4867 STTP on PFD-149 at NITTTR, Chennai
08-03-17 DTE 65 GRT(2),DTE 66 GRT(2), DTE 67 GRT(2),DTE 68 GRT(2) Aided Engineering, Fine Arts and Polytechnics Feb17 salary-NP
09-03-17 DTE 06 DVP(1) 2016/(1) and (2) Salary release to KCT polytechnic and all Aided institutions for FEB'2017
07-03-17 DTE 50 DVP(1) 2016 Norms for opening Bank accounts at office level in GPTs and GECs
13-03-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಆ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13 Enrollment of faculty (Institutes Listed) for Life skill training
10-03-17 DTE/62/EST(6)/2016/4849 Submit certificates of Group D employees
    List of polytechnics submitted PAR's, SOA and UCs
10-03-17 DTE/01/Eclub/2015-16/4845 Submitt information on Innovation club activities in Govt/Aided/Private Polytechnics and Engineering colleges
    Skill development program on Transmission line maintenance for students by NPTI
09-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(02)/2016 Board meeting for April/May 2017 exams-2
08-03-17 DTE 1 EST(9) 2016/4812 Loan recovery for physicaly challeged state govt. employees on Special Vehicals
07-03-17 DTE 33 BLD 2011 Release of 2nd and 3rd instalment towards Women's hostel construction in Govt. polytechnics
03-03-17 DTE 11 BLD 2012 Submission of UCs and statement of accounts details
08-03-17 DTE 1 EST(9) 2016/4812 Loan recovery for physicaly challeged state govt. employees on Special Vehicals
08-03-17 DTE/NSS/Activities/01/2014-15/57 Submit Account details of NSS units
    STTP on PFD-150 at NITTTR, Chennai
07-03-17 DTE/69/EST(7)2016/4802 Officers on LA and LC session duty from 15-03-17
    SPFU Newsletter February 2017
06-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(02)2015 Question paper indent for April/May2017 exams
07-03-17 DTE/NSS/ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿ/01/2016-17 National Young Leader Award winning NSS units
07-03-17 DTE/NSS/07/ಸಲಹಾ-ಕಾರ್ಯಾಗಾರ/2015-16 Meeting of NSS program officers and Principals
01-03-17 DTE 76 ಮಾಹಕಾ 2016 Relevant information only to be given for RTI
03-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Revaluation results of NOV/DEC16 exams
    List of polytechnics submitted PARs,UCs and SOAs
02-03-17 DTE/03/CDTP/2012-13/6073 One day Workshop at SJP,Bangalore on Preparation of Operational Plan for the year 2016-17
27-02-17 DTE/04/EST/2(B)2015/6070 NOC to Lecturers
01-03-17 DTE 01 CDC (2) 2016-17/4771 STTP on PFD-147 to 152 and SP-08
    Budget availability in group DDO for salary under K-2
21-02-17 DTE 201 EST(7) 2016/6037/2 Circular regarding personal requests