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EGU Circulars

DTE Order No.
14-03-17 DTE 02 EGU 2016 To Update incorrect staff data in EMIS
19-12-16 DTE 02 EGU 2016 5 Polytechnics to Update Integrated websites
17-12-16 DTE 01 EGU 2016 HRMS complaints to accompany with DDO letter
09-12-16 DTE 02 EGU 2015 Schedule 4,5and 6 of NPS to be generated and submitted immediatly
05-12-16 DTE 02 EGU 2016 To furnish additional information required by various sections at DTE office and Govt.Engineering colleges and Polytechnics to update EMIS data.
23-11-16 DTE 01 EGU/K2 2015 Pay and Allowances to be drawn through K2 from 01-12-16
23-11-16 DTE 01 EGU/K2 2015 Departmental receipts to be remitted through K2 from 01-12-16
10-11-16 DTE 02 EGU 2016 All Bills including salary should be done in Khajane-2 from 01/12/2016
28-08-16   Complete Tendering Process in e-procurement portal
    To implement e-Granthalaya
    Intimate any changes in Official e-Mail ids
04-08-16 DTE 02 EGU 2016 To Use e-library software
    Instructions for data entry in EMIS
12/07/2016 K2/ PMU/ 92/2015-16 Integrated Financial Management System - IFMS
03-03-16 SKSJ/TEQIP(FDA)/2016/1095 Pedagogy for use of ICT-Initiatives
    Aided polytechnics-JAN-16 Increments details to be sent
01-02-2016 DTE 01 EGU 2015 Update Integrated website and EMIS data
    User manual for e-Attendance