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DTE Order No.
28-03-17 BTE/19/EAP/2017 April/May 2017 draft time table meeting
28-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Update candidate list for APRIL/MAY17 theory exams
17-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Extended revaluation camp@ GWPT Bangalore
16-03-17 BTE/13/EPS/2013 Send Sakala Applications through Sakala Portal
15-03-17 BTE/30/EPF/2016-17 April/ May 2017 exams stationary supply
09-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(02)/2016 Board meeting for April/May 2017 exams-2
06-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(02)2015 Question paper indent for April/May2017 exams
03-03-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Revaluation results of NOV/DEC16 exams
27-02-17 BTE/11/ECS2/2016 Board meeting for April/May2017 exams-1
23-02-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Applying for revaluation after taking photocopies of Nov/Dec16 exams theory subjects
17-02-17 BTE/08/EFS/2016-17 Return amount of anwer booklet without ATS number
17-02-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Nov/Dec16 exams malpractice punishment details
06-02-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2015 Nov/Dec16 Theory exam Photo copies
10-02-17 BTE/03/ECS(3) 2015 Fee for BTE affiliation 2016-17
13-02-17 BTE/11/ECS(02) 2016 Revaluation at MEI Polytechnic from 20-02-17
01-02-17 BTE/06/ECS(1)/2016 Calendar of Events for APRIL/MAY 17 exams
31-01-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Malpractice enquiry on 06-02-17
31-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(02) 2016 Depute staff for Revaluation duty
30-01-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Malpractice enquiry for Nov/Dec16 exams
30-01-17 BTE/10/ECS(2)/2016 Update revaluation information of Nov/Dec16 exams
24-01-17 BTE 55 ERS 3 2016 Exam fee for Bridge subjects of students of Central Institute of Plastic Technology
25-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Revaluation dates of Diploma results extended
21-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Date extention for applying Revaluation and photo copy
17-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Malpractice enquiry of NOV/DEC 2016 Exams
16-01-17 BTE/08/EFS/2016-17 Stationary for April/May 2017 exams-Reminder2
12-01-17 BTE/19/EAP(2)/2016 Result of Kannada Bridge subject withheld
11-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Last chance in April/May 2017 exams
11-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Exam fee notification for April/May 2017 exams
11-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Malpractice enquiry of Nov/Dec16 exams
11-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Exam fee application
11-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Surrender of results of Nov/Dec16 exams
11-01-17 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Revaluation and photo copy of Nov16 exams
11-01-17 BTE 19 EAP 2016 Diploma Results on 12-01-2017 at 4 pm
02-01-17 BTE/29/EFS/2016-17 Stationary for April/May 2017 exams-Reminder1
29-12-16 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Action on absentees for Nov/Dec 2016 Valuation
27-12-16 BTE/11/ECS2/2016 Procedure to be followed at Decentralized Valuation centres
26-12-16 BTE/08/EFS/2016-17 Principals to give explanation for making answer booklets Unusable with ATS seal in Nov/Dec16 exams
22-12-16 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Action on absent valuators
20-12-16 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Meeting Notice for board members on 21-12-16
20-12-16 BTE/11/ECS(2)/2016 Directions to Valuers