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Fine Arts Circulars

DTE Order No.
18-02-17 DTE /NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Provide Information on Academics and examination activities of Finearts schools / colleges
04-11-16 DTE/01/ಚಿಕಘ/2016-17 Very Urgent-Furnish Academic and exam activities information of Fine arts Schools
21-11-15 DTE/40/FAI/2012-13 New Private Fine arts institutions' approval and admission approval by DTE.
21-11-15 DTE/10/FAI/2014-15 Fine Arts institutions circulars on DTE website
31-08-15 DTE/10/FAU/2014-15/1720 Workload and timings for Fine Arts Schools
30-10-12 ED 312 UNE 2012 Transfer of Fine Arts School to Dept of Public Instruction
24-12-11 ED 225 UNE 2011 Fine Arts College Transferred to Mysore University