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Inspection Circulars

DTE Order No.
24-01-17 DTE/24/INS(3)/2016 Surprise Inspection visit to Govt/Aided/Private polytechnics
24-01-17 DTE/25/INS(3)/2016 Result Analysis of NOV/DEC16 exams
23-01-17 DTE/01/INS(3)/2016 Biometric Attendance information in Govt/Aided Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges
06-10-16 DTE/09/INS(3)/2016/1942 Academic and administrative Inspection dates
06-10-16 DTE/09/INS(3)/2016/1943 Prepare for Academic and administrative inspection
19-09-2015 DTE/01/INS(3)/2013/1931 Schedule of Academic Inspection for September and october2015