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NBA-engineering Circulars

DTE Order No.
    Meeting proceedings
    Attendance certificate for the NBA meeting held on 20-09-16
03-09-16 DTE/01/NBA-ENGG/2015-16 NBA-Meeting of GECs
    Appointing co-ordinators for NBA(Govt.Engg)
    Procedings of NBA(Engg)Meeting held on 04-06-2016
26-05-16 DTE/01/NBA-ENGG/2015-16 NBA meeting for ENGG colleges on 04-06-16
03-05-16 DTE/35/LRDC/2014-15 Inclusion of members for NBA committee in Govt.Engineering colleges.
16-12-15 DTE/35/LRDC/NBA/2014-15/2992 Preparation for NBA