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NSS Circulars

DTE Order No.
22-03-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Prohibition of Drugs/Tobacco in and around college premises
16-03-17 DTE/NSS/07/ಸಲಹಾ ಕಾರ್ಯಗಾರ/2015-16 Attendance certificate for attending NSS workshop on 14-03-17
13-03-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಆ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13 Enrollment of faculty (Institutes Listed) for Life skill training
08-03-17 DTE/NSS/Activities/01/2014-15/57 Submit Account details of NSS units
07-03-17 DTE/NSS/ಪ್ರಶಸ್ತಿ/01/2016-17 National Young Leader Award winning NSS units
07-03-17 DTE/NSS/07/ಸಲಹಾ-ಕಾರ್ಯಾಗಾರ/2015-16 Meeting of NSS program officers and Principals
01-03-17 DTE/NSS/Activities/01/2014-15 Requisite for Additional volunteer strength from NSS units
23-02-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಅ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13 Depute Principals and lecturers for Life skills and counseling services training
18-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute NSS PO and Volunteers for state level youth fest
13-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute NSS volunteers and PO for NIC at Ballary
14-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute NSS Volunteers for Ambedkar Jnana Darshana Abhiyana Inaguaration
13-02-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಅ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13 Deputation of Teaching faculty for life skill training program at NIMHANS
09-02-17 DTE/NSS/NSS/ETI/08/2011-12 Training for NSS officers
07-02-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute Volunteers for National Integration day at Mangalore and Dharwad
31-01-17 DTE/NSS/14/e-Prashasti/2012-13/55 NSS Awards for 2015-16
27-01-17 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17/54 Volunteers for National Integration day
24-01-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಅ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13 Depute staff for Training
24-01-17 DTE/NSS/03/ಅ.ಇ.ಕಾ/2012-13/52 Walkathon on Sarvodaya day
19-01-17 DTE/NSS/16/ರಾ.ಮ/ಅ.ಪಾ.ಶಿ/016-17/51 State level NSS camp from 02-02-17
13-01-17 DTE/NSS/16/S.V(1)/2012-13 Change of Venue for principals meeting on 16-01-2017
11-01-17 DTE/NSS/16/S.V(1)/2012-13 Meeting Notice to the principals of Engineering colleges and polytechnics on 16-01-2017 regarding the celebration of Vivekananda Jayanti
11-01-17 DTE/NSS/06/NIC/2016-17 Depute NSS volunteers to National Integration Camp
11-01-17 DTE/NSS/07/V.Ma.Shi/2016-17 Depute NSS volunteers for Divisional level Camp
10-01-17 DTE/NSS/10/V.Shi/2016-17 NSS special camp grants release for 2015-16
09-01-17 DTE/NSS/09/1 &2/2016-17 Regular NSS Acivities grants release
10-01-17 DTE/NSS/13/SP/2012-13 Information on Vivekananda Jayanti celebration
07-01-17   Meeting notice and Grant release regarding celebration of Vivekananda Jayanti
06-01-17 DTE/NSS/13/SP/2012-13 Principals of govt/Aided/private Engineering colleges and polytechnics in Bangalore to attend the meeting regarding celebration of Vivekananda Jayanti
05-01-17 DTE/NSS/07/Vi,Ma.Shi/2016-17 Divisional level NSS camp
29-12-16 DTE/NSS/14/e-Award/2012-13 Letter of Appreciation for Republic Day Parade
19-12-16 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Depute NSS Volunteers and Program Officer for Camp at Shankaragatta,Shimoga
08/12/2016 DTE/NSS/02/IDP/2016-17 Vittiya Saksharatha Abhiyaan
03-12-16 DTE/NSS/ETI/08/2011-12 Depute NSS officers for the training